Text analysis software and solutions built for your requirements. Our solutions combine the latest text analysis algorithms together by artificial intelligence technology to achieve the better results.

Our products

GaiusT is a full-fledged large-scale web-based system founded on a framework for textual semantic annotation.
The system deals with multi-access, versioning of models, and artefact management for projects, which adopt different annotation models and schemas.
GaiusT is designed to support the extraction of legal requirements from legal documents and to help the process of compliance.

NomosT its a platform that support the generation of conceptual models from a legal document.
The tool generates automatically conceptual model from input legal document, supporting the process of legal analysis.

Text convergence tool performs a series of text analysis to identify topic models in a ground truth input text and to verify the convergence of a given text with the ground truth document.
This tool supports the process of evaluation of text convergence.

Text amiguity tool provides analysis of readability of input documents by identifing ambiguities at different levels (syntactic and semantic) in the text.

Text statistics tool comprises a set of tools providing variuos text analitics on input documents such as:

  • Topic models identification
  • Document comparisons, versioning differences
  • Words repetitions
  • Stastics measures
  • Word cloud
  • and many others …

Every product supports mutilingual input text: supported languages in the current versions: English, Italian, Franch, German and Spanish.

Demo: Text statistics